Tips for Dealing with Online Reviews

Tips for Dealing with Online Reviews
The modern business needs to have an online presence for it to succeed. But whether you maintain an online presence or not, it is important to remember that people will always discuss your business and it therefore helps that you are also present to give your opinions when people talk about your business.
Joining a business review site benefits a business in very many ways. Of course we always want people to post positive reviews but the reality is that an occasional negative review is inevitable. Reviews are taken very seriously by other customers and whenever your business is reviewed you need to think carefully about how to respond.

Decide whether you need to respond
While you must make every effort to respond to customer reviews, sometimes it might not be necessary. If, for instance, you have received many positive reviews, responding to each and every review might actually hurt your business. You’ll not only be creating an un-called for information overload but some clients might actually view those reviews suspiciously. Negative reviews can certainly hurt a business and you also need to make a sober decision on whether to respond or not. If a complaint has been raised by a regular commentator or customer, such complaints should be addressed. You must also respond when the complaint is raised on a popular site where it will be read by many current or potential customers.
Some reviews however are best ignored. If, for instance you can tell that the complaint has been manufactured by your competitors or some disgruntled employee, responding to such a review could do more harm than good. If the writer of the review uses clearly abusive language or publishes the comments on one of those low quality and obscure sites, such reviews should also be ignored.

What should your response contain?
Once you decide that you are going to respond to a review, you need to take time to craft a response that won’t hurt your business. If you are the victim of a negative review, your response must never be negative.  Start by introducing yourself to the reviewer and thank him or her for not only using your business but also for the feedback. Offer a sincere apology and also explain the situation as you understand it. Since the client got a less than satisfactory experience, offer some remedial action if possible. If, for instance, you are hotel owner and the client has complained about the quality of food on a particular day, explain what the problem could have been and assure the client that this is not always the case. Inviting the customer to visit you again (and probably offering a free meal) could resolve the issue.

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